Unigrà offers to the artisanal world of confectionery and bread, chocolate and ice cream making a rich assortment of products to meet every need of sector-based professionals with innovative solutions, high quality standards and the highest level of service.

Our Brand

  • Master Martini

    <p>Master Martini is Unigrà’s main brand for the artisanal channel. Since 1982, Unigrà has offered professional confectioners and bakers a wide range of products in keeping with the best tradition. Offering solutions with high levels of service and added value is the mission of Master Martini which has diversified increasingly over time to encompass all the main categories of goods in the confectionery and bread-making industry. Experience, diversification and high standards of quality are the strategic factors that have positioned Master Martin as an industry leader in Italy and the most widely distributed bakery brand worldwide, registering continuous growth over the years.</p>

  • Martini Linea Gelato

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    Martini Linea Gelato is the new Unigrà brand for professional artisanal gelato makers. The Martini Linea Gelato division, which was created by the company to give professionals access to its experience in the production of raw materials and semi-finished products, offers a wide variety of products and solutions which can satisfy the requirements of gelato makers: from bases, available both as powders and in the innovative liquid version, to flavouring pastes, with a special focus on the world of hazelnuts and pistachios, variegates and soft ice-creams. The flagship products are the Brunelle, fat-based creams which stay soft even at ice cream temperature, as well as stracciatella and chocolate coatings for ice cream.

  • GLF

    <p>GLF is a young, dynamic brand with a strong leaning towards innovation. It offers a wide range of products designed for professional confectioners and bakers with a modern approach and a close eye on trends, and rewards experimentation. Its mission is to create value in the artisanal world of confectioners and bakers, not just in terms of product innovation, but also in service. With its high-end range, GLF stimulates professionals in the artisanal channel to be creative and innovative, by offering them the opportunity to stand out and obtain better results.</p>