25 January 2017

Martini Linea Gelato, the major new Unigrà brand premiered at SIGEP 2017

- Martini Linea Gelato is the major new Unigrà brand premiered at SIGEP 2017. The new brand highlights the consolidation of the Group in the gelato division with an extended, revamped range and a new commercial set-up to better respond to the needs of professional gelato makers. The portfolio of Martini Linea Gelato products includes powder bases, UHT liquid bases, flavouring pastes with particular focus on the world of hazelnuts and pistachios, in addition to the Aymara lines, dedicated to chocolate with a historical and emotional reference to the South American culture, and the Brunelle, a vast selection of fat-based creams for ice cream which already features 13 different flavours in the assortment with the addition of 4 new ones: gianduja, coffee, lemon and zabaglione. The line is completed by a series of products dedicated to the pastry and baking industry which includes chocolate, fat-based fillings, mirror glazing, powder mixes and jams. The brand development strategy is not limited to Italy, however, it is also aimed at international markets, starting from the countries where the company operates with its own business units: Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Singapore and Hong Kong.
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