20 September 2016

OraSì on air with Max Information

20 September 20 2016 - Starting from 25 September for seven weeks, the first flight of the OraSì TV campaign, scheduled on all the standard Italian TV channels and the major digital food-based TV channels such as Rai, Mediaset, La 7 and Real Time, in three versions lasting thirty, fifteen and five seconds. The ad includes over 1,800 steps, 270 million contacts and 1100 GRPs on buying target with 60% of Prime Time. For the overall campaign, planned in three different flights between 2016 and 2017, Unigrà will invest a total of 2 million Euros, awarding the media planning to Expansion Group. 

OraSì is a range of 100% vegetable products based on soya and rice, all exclusively Italian without GMOs and with only natural flavourings. The brand builds on the excellence of the Made in Italy brand and its control over the entire production chain. 

The strategic idea, developed by Max Information, Armando Testa Group, is based on the pay-off from the campaign "Piacere tutto Vegetale” and is conveyed through the likeable character of Chicca, the star of the ad, who chats to Mr. OraSì and tells him about the characteristics of the controlled, 100% Italian supply chain, the soya grown in Massa Fiscaglia in the province of Ferrara in an area of 1500 hectares, 300 of which are for growing soya and 60 for growing rice. 

The OraSì brand launch is part of the company’s business development, aimed at maximising the business diversification with the entry into large-scale distribution.

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