20 September 2017

Unigrà invests in growth and the future

Conselice (Ravenna, Italy), 20 September 2016 - A significant structural investment for a future based on growth and business development. This is the spirit behind the project launched by Unigrà to build its new headquarters which is being constructed on the historic site in Conselice (Ravenna, Italy), close to the heart of the Group’s production centre.

The building will house new offices and dedicated areas which will be added to existing systems, by significantly augmenting the employee work space. But this is not a simple extension. The new site has been strategically conceived to become the centre for design, implementation and coordination of all the international operations through which Unigrà oversees the one hundred countries where it distributes its products. 

The project was conceived and implemented by the architect, Gian Paolo Mar of Studio MAR in Venice, an architectural and engineering company which, with over fifty years of experience, has created important commercial and office buildings, tourist accommodation and hotel facilities, marinas and university buildings. The basic aim of this ambitious gamble on the future is to further reinforce Unigrà’s positioning, in line with core Italian values, innovation and high quality which have always been the mainstay of the Group. At the same time, the new headquarters has become part of a wider plan to reorganise and rationalise the logistical flow, the technical operations and production which will allow the Group to achieve important results in terms of efficiency and the optimisation of resources. 

 And that is not all. In fact, the new "training centre” is already in the pipeline. This is a large application laboratory for key activities for R&D and marketing functions. The laboratory which is fully equipped for conducting application tests in preparation for the new product launch will be a true “Academy” for training the sales force, collective demonstrations and meetings with customers.

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