Thanks to the care taken over selecting the basic ingredients and the use of cutting-edge technological production lines and meticulous checks during all the stages of the process, Unigrà guarantees an Italian chocolate of the highest quality. The basic ingredients are selected after careful assessment: the organoleptic characteristics of the cocoa must meet specific standards which will ensure the highest quality of the finished product. By adapting the recipes in terms of fluidity, taste, colour , our R&D team is able to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific application and production process. The whole chocolate range is nuts free, the production department is entirely gluten free, soya free and Kosher certified. We also have a production and packaging lines dedicated to dark chocolate, milk free and Kosher Pareve versions. Available on request, certified versions for UTZ and Halal.

  • Coatings

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    Specific types of chocolate for coating ice cream and other confectionery products, as well as making stracciatella. Unigrà is the ideal partner to develop tailor-made solutions with the possibility of adapting the crystallisation times for specific production processes. Formulations available for sealing cones and wafers.

  • Decoration

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    Chocolate drops or flakes for decorating confectionery or ice cream products with a long-lasting shine and gloss.
  • Inclusions

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    Chocolate chip substitute developed to stand up to cooking, also available with natural colourants and flavours.
  • Moulded hollow shells

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    Moulded hollow shells

    Chocolate for making pralines, Easter eggs and other hollow shells. The correct quantity of cocoa butter in the recipe - balanced according to need - ensures the ideal fluidity for obtaining a uniform layer and thickness which is perfect for pouring into moulds.