Compound chocolate

Unigrà’s compound chocolate is the result of using vegetable fats which are consistently high-quality because they are produced in-house . It stands out for itsquality, snap, glossiness and superior performance that guarantee high-level coatings and icing with unique organoleptic properties. We process recipes for dark, milk and ivory compound chocolate in various formats - discs, drops and flakes - as well as flavoured recipes with natural colourants. Since our compound is easy to use and extremely versatile, it is ideal for coating and decorating biscuits, cakes, croissants and leavened products, as well as for making hollow shells. Versions available with UTZ certified cocoa on request.
  • Coatings

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    Compound chocolate specifically for coating ice cream and other types of confectionery. Unigrà’s expertise and experience allows it to develop tailor-made solutions with the possibility of adapting the crystallisation times for specific production processes, formulations that can be sprayed on cones and wafers or naturally coloured and flavoured chocolate substitutes.

  • Decoration

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    Chocolate flake substitute for decorating confectionery or ice cream products with a long-lasting shine and gloss.

  • Inclusions

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    Chocolate chips or chunks developed to stand up to cooking.