Fat-based fillings

Unigrà has consolidated expertise in the formulation and production of anhydrous creams. The vegetable fat used is fresh and monitored because it is produced by our refinery only when needed. By adapting the recipes in terms of fluidity, taste, colour, our R&D team is able to propose specific solutions, tailor-made for application and production process, for use both before and after baking. We have a vast assortment of flavours, such as chocolate, hazelnut and ivory, in addition to pistachio and almond. The production department is completely gluten free, soya free and has obtained Kosher certification. Versions available with Halal UTZ cocoa certification on request.
  • Bakery

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    Bake-stable formulations for croissants, puff pastry and other leavened products: do not leak and maintain the right texture after baking, preserving the creaminess inside. For frozen products too. Creams for filling tarts and tartlets: they maintain the right consistency, creaminess and gloss after baking as well, without staining the wrappings. Bake-stable creams for sandwiching biscuits. The formulations are specifically developed to obtain the correct balance between the fats in the cream and those in shortcrust pastry. The fluidity can be adapted for a variety of production processes, including one-shot technology.

  • Confectionery

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    Creams for filling pralines which can be adapted not only to the specific production process, but also to the customer’s requirements in terms of flavour, colour and melting behaviour. Ideal products for flavouring and colouring creams and mixtures.
  • Ice cream

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    Ice cream

    Creams for ice cream and semifreddo which maintain a smooth, creamy consistency and an excellent spreadability when frozen (-12°C / -18°C).