Margarines and melanges

For Unigrà, the margarine and melanges production department is one of the most strategically important. Our consolidated expertise, in-depth knowledge of the primary ingredients and use of avant-garde facilities allow us to ensure quality products with a high performance. The oils and fats used are selected, refined and processed in accordance with precise, controlled and certified quality standards. We can offer the right formulation, includingclean labels, for every single application and specific production process in which it will be used. We have solutions with different, adaptable fat stages in terms of plant origin, percentage of fats and rheological properties. For the butter blends, we have recipes with butter content ranging from 5 to 50%. For all the products based on palm oil, RSPO certification is available for the supply chain.
  • Lamination

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    The best recipes for lamination guarantee exceptional plasticity during processing and excellent results on the finished product: high levels of crustiness and volume in puff pastry, optimal volume and perfect layering in croissants. Specific formulations for frozen products as well.
  • Leavened Products

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    Leavened Products

    Formulations with high technical performance, specifically for leavened doughs, aimed at guaranteeing the margarine is perfectly incorporated into the dough without forming lumps during processing and finished products with volume and excellent softness.
  • Shortcrust pastry

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    Shortcrust pastry

    A comprehensive assortment of solutions for shortcrust and cookies developed to guarantee crustiness and plasticity in the cutouts and a high capacity to trap air in whipped shortcrust pastry, to achieve excellent quality finished products.