Oils and fats

With 40 years of experience in oil and fat industry, the ability to work these primary ingredientsis second nature to Unigrà. This is also why there are major Italian and international food companies among our customers. Unigrà process oils and vegetable fats from a variety of plants: not only palm oil, but also alternative solutions such as cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut and liquid oils such as high oleic sunflower oil. Dedicated refining lines ensure a constantly high-quality product. Our consolidated experience means we can define the right fat content for the specific needs of each application in which it will be used, achieving a unique level of specialisation and customisation. Through hydrogenation, inter-esterification and fractionation processes, we are able to create a wealth of tailor-made products or formulations, working side by side with our customers to create innovative solutions. The large production capacity and storage of the plant - equipped with a series of 150,000 tonne tanks for liquid oils and fats - means we can promptly and flexibly meet all our customers’ demands, including those outside the EU. All the formulations containing palm oil and derivatives are RSPO® certified.

  • Bakery

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    High performance vegetable oils and fats specifically designed for the production of all types of baking and confectionery products, which enhance and maintain the organoleptic properties over time (biscuits, leavened goods, puff pastry, etc.).
    Fats that are developed for leavened products, mainly for bakery applications, to be used as a non-animal alternative for anyone who wants to eliminate the traditional use of lard from recipes.
    Anhydrous fats for lamination which ensure excellent production efficiency, the reduction in the amount of fat required and improved performance.
  • Confectionery

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    Special fats to produce spreadable creams, praline fillings, snack fillings and other baked products, sandwiched or filled biscuits or to hold cereal together. Special fats as an alternative to cocoa butter to produce chocolate compound (CBS), developed for their snap and glossiness. Oils and fats designed to regulate the crystallisation process times or avoid oil separation. Perfect for making ice cream coatings, but also hazelnut paste, spreadable creams or fillings.
  • Dairy Fats Alternatives

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    Dairy Fats Alternatives

    Dairy fats alternatives which can be used for making ice cream, non-dairy creams and cheese substitutes without sacrificing creaminess and flavour.
  • Food service

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    Food service

    Fats that can be used to produce stock cubes in a paste or powder form. Fats and oils to produce table spreading margarine which is just like butter.
  • Frying

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    Palm oil and its fractions, high oleic sunflower oil or blends specifically developed with high stability to oxidation in order to obtain the desired frying result in terms of taste and organoleptic characteristics.
  • Infant Nutrition

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    Infant Nutrition

    Fats and oils suitable for producing baby food with the highest standards in terms of nutrition, quality and food safety.
  • Non Food Applications

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    Non Food Applications

    Oils and fats for detergents, soaps, cosmetics and candles.