Vegetable extracts

Unigrà enriches its offer of tailor made solutions for industrial customers by introducing vegetable extracts. Today the Company produces plant-based extracts from soy, rice, oats and buckwheat. These are an alternative to dairy milk and therefore they can be used to produce milk-free drinks, ice creams, yogurts, creams and sauces. Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and an accurate control of production processes, Unigrà has obtained the organic certification and it is therefore able to produce organic vegetable extracts, assuring important added value in terms of food safety and environmental protection. To this a further plus can be added: the origin of the raw materials is 100% Italian.

  • Vegatable drinks

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    Vegatable drinks

    Vegetable extracts of soy, rice and buckwheat are used as excellent raw materials to produce 100% vegetable drinks