Research and development

Creativity and rationality go hand in hand. Our R&D team is made up of an evenly matched group of experts, who work in science and applied technology, with the aim of creating new and unexpected solutions. Their interest and curiosity for the world of food is combined with their enthusiasm for scientific research and discovery, turning intuitions into business through the rigorous application of the laws of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

To always be at the forefront on innovation. This is the goal of a team that strives to create added value for customers on a daily basis.  Expertise and experience means finding the ideal formula and the tailor-made solution every time for every product and every customer.

  • Know-how


    With forty years of experience in the oil and fats industry, the ability to process these raw materials is in our company’s DNA.
    But we do not stop there. We know the properties of each single ingredient, as well as the laws of nature that govern their possible interactions. We master the production processes, striving for the best possible result. We observe the processing techniques with a clinical eye to give our utmost to customers. We believe in cross-fertilisation, triggered by not only working closely with the academic world, but also with the technical means of our main suppliers and customers, generating a mutual increase in know-how. We are always out in the field, participating in conventions, trade fairs and workshops, collaborating with universities and the scientific world to stay constantly in touch with any new developments.

  • Primary Ingredients

    Primary Ingredients

    Vertical integration is the strong point. We know every single one of the key primary ingredients because we produce in-house, developing them based on specific requirements and ensuring freshness, quality and competitiveness. We also guarantee the procurement of any ingredients that we purchase from third parties. For us, the origin, selection and choice of suppliers are key factors. We take care of every one of these aspects by seeking out the highest standards of quality at all times.

  • Production Processes

    Production Processes

    At Unigrà, theory and practice are a two-way process, assumptions and feasibility go hand in hand and quality and efficiency are combined. We believe that a constant dialogue between the R&D and production departments is essential for configuring, optimising and standardising new processes, as well as monitoring the ones already in place. On these bases and with this approach, we work every day with the technologists who are constantly on hand in the production departments, creating synergy between innovation and experience.

  • Trend


    One of the main drivers behind Unigrà’s growth is linked to the constant improvement in its product offering. For this reason, we keep a close eye on market trends, and in our laboratories first and at our customer sites second, we carry out studies, research and experiments to put forward new ideas in response to the demand for continuous evolution. Part of this approach involves the search for solutions which maintain the same taste but cut down on so-called “bads”, such as sugars, saturated fats, and salt, and contribute so-called “goods”, such as omega-3, fibre or vitamins. An exciting challenge which sees Unigrà at the forefront in finding answers for consumers who are increasingly health-conscious and well-informed.




  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Where our customers are concerned, we never rest on our laurels: we have constant problem solving activities, tailor-made solutions and an ongoing proactive approach to come up with new ideas. We can provide information, advice and suggestions on all the current issues in the world of food, by providing our scientific expertise as a key to understanding. We support our customers in regulatory matters as well. We are ready to help them manage their businesses in compliance with current regulations.